Software Solution

Custom software, data storage and reporting that empowers your organization to unlock its potential.

If you think software development is just about hiring developers and having discussions in the conference room, you are wrong. Software that is well planned, removes barriers and facilitates meaningful business outcomes. It requires implementing solutions that transform data into actionable information and put in the hands of the people who need it most.

Bluepine Software’s unique team of consultants delivers effective, highly customized software. Our solutions provide timely incremental value back to our customers who turn it into action. Further, we excel in creating solutions that bring your information to life, increase efficiencies, and deliver a smarter way of working for your business and your people. Our consultants have worked within startup companies to fortune 100 enterprises. We are experienced in delivering software within any business environment.

Product Management

Our Expertise:

  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Support and Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Experience Design

Once you have a vision, you have to spread the word in your business. Get dogmatic, evangelical even, Bluepine Software can help make your product a reality.

Our product management consultants analyze the market and competitive conditions and lay out a product vision that is differentiated and delivers unique value based on your customers demands. The role of product management spans activities from strategic to tactical. At its best, our product management consultants provide cross-functional leadership — bridging gaps within your company between different functions, most notably between engineering-oriented teams, sales and marketing, and support.

Product management is an important organizational role. Bluepine Software has expertise in building products or technology for customer or internal use. We can assist in developing large custom software solutions that have go-to-market requirements to smaller in-house process improvements. When you work with Bluepine Software, we use a repetative innovation process called i3 - Ideate, Iterate and Innovate. This process is the backbone of our product management work.

Ideate - Iterate - Innovate

Social Media

Social media is critical to understanding what consumers honestly think about your products. Your brand is constantly being discussed. Communicating and building a relationship with your customers in the moment is crucial.

Bluepine Software’s social content strategy and execution elevates brand recognition and generates positive discussion with followers to keep you firmly in the conversation.

Not only should you be listening to the conversations taking place around your brand, but with the right social strategy, you can shape and capitalize on this discussion in the moment to grow your business and your perception from your customers. Bluepine Software understands how to get you seen, heard, and liked in order to best position your brand for success.

Social channels can feel like shouting matches. Bluepine Software’s content development and strategy results in relevant engagement and direct, dynamic connections with your social community that stands out above the noise. We build and focus your brand voice, grow your communities, and generate buzz around your products.

Mobile Development

Now more than ever, the most opportune moment to reach customers is wherever they may be. Consumers are using their mobile devices to engage with brands at an increasingly rapid rate. Bluepine Software's integrated mobile websites and apps connect customers to opportunities whenever and wherever that moment presents itself.

Mobile is no longer an afterthought. The need for a seamless transition from device to device requires every marketing strategy to be a mobile strategy. Bluepine Software's mobile solutions are flexible enough to function, but powerful enough to capitalize on the engagement across platforms.

Bluepine Software's responsive mobile design delivers a high-quality user experience from any device. Our mobile-optimized websites and custom apps allow for a clean, user-friendly layout in which customers can interact with your business. We create content strategies that leverage location and user data so that you can meet your customers in every moment.


Every moment, at home or on the go, is a potential opportunity for customers to buy your products. Ensure your brand is with them at all times, from the moment visitors enter your site to the confirmation email sent after the purchase, Bluepine Software helps you maximize the online shopping experience by engaging consumers, converting traffic into sales, and engendering loyalty.

Bluepine Software creates e-commerce solutions focused on the customer, simplifying and personalizing the experience to improve satisfaction and cultivate relationships. We analyze purchasing preferences and behaviors to drive repeat purchases, and our online stores make the buying process more efficient.

Our omnichannel, multi-store strategies and technical development expertise combine to create an unparalleled user experience. We manage and analyze the full-purchase lifecycle, integrating shipping, fulfillment, and other features while improving your business process to sell your product as effectively as possible. Our comprehensive approach helps turn traffic into sales by creating actionable landing pages, simplifying the ordering process, analyzing your competitors, honing your mobile strategy, and targeting your customer base.